Sports Management Certification

People love sport – from rugby to swimming and everything in between. It gives them a chance to come together and rally behind their team. To function effectively, these sports need to be managed effectively. With the growing number of sporting activities bursting onto the scene, sports  management is a growing career, and it keeps getting bigger by the day! This is why Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Sports Management Course is the go-to qualification for anyone wanting to get into this field.

Course modules include:

  • Communications
  • Customer care
  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining ethical behaviour and discipline
  • Disability management
  • Establishing and maintaining organisational structures in sports
  • Facilitation of learning using different methodologies
  • Financial management
  • Governance in sports and fitness
  • HIV and AIDS in the sporting environment
  • Managing and administering sporting tournaments
  • Managing volunteers
  • Personal developmental training
  • Project finances
  • Safety and security
  • Sponsorship proposals
  • Sports and fitness marketing
  • Understanding and managing equality and diversity

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Sports Management Certification – which is accredited with CATHSSETA – will equip you to manage any number of sport management titles including:

  • Academic services advisor for student athletics
  • Athletic business management
  • Athletic director
  • Compliance director
  • Corporate sales director
  • Director of ticketing and finance
  • Facilities coordinator
  • Fitness manager
  • Intramural director of campus recreation
  • Programme directors in community sport programs
  • Sporting goods sales representative
  • Sports marketing and promotions director

Course admission requirements: NQF 4, Grade 12/Matric, or Age Exemption

How to learn at Trifocus Fitness Academy

This is a correspondence course that can be done at your own pace and started anytime of the year.The course takes roughly 8-12 months to complete.


We will send you all the course material – that you will need – via courier. If you have any questions, our student support team is available – on the other side of the phone – to help.




Payment Plan

R12 000

R3000 Deposit

R2 250 (4 months) Payment Plan

R12 000 Total


R12 000

R1 800 15% Discount

R10 200 Total

Debit Order

R12 000

R2 500 Deposit

R1 357.14 (7 months) Monthly Debit Order

R12 000 Total


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Sports Management Certification

  • We trust that you are going to have a pleasurable and educational experience at our academy. Please take some time to review our terms and conditions relating to our business and your chosen course/s at our academy.   General Policies of Trifocus Fitness Academy All Manuals, promotional material and assessments are part of your course payment package. If you lose or damage your manual the manuals can be reissued at R450 per manual plus shipping. The certificates will be issued roughly 6/8 weeks after completing exams and having been deemed competent, Certificates are distributed electronically by PDF format - Learners must take accountability for lost or damaged POE's that are within their care.- Lost POE's can be reprinted at R200 per a POE.   Re- Assessment Policy The following points will apply, with reference to the TRIFOCUS FITNESS ACADEMY reassessment policy: When a candidate has to undergo reassessment, he/she must be given specific feedback and guidance in order to concentrate on areas of weakness. The onus is on the candidate to inform the TRIFOCUS FITNESS ACADEMY assessor when ready for assessment. The reassessment should take place in the same/similar situation/context and under the same conditions. The same assessment method/s and instruments may be used, but the task and materials should be different, but at the same level and complexity as the previous task. Reassessment can take place under a maximum of three per candidate (total three assessments), per unit standard. Each assessment must be discussed with the TRIFOCUS FITNESS ACADEMY client, as this will be charged as per the TRIFOCUS FITNESS ACADEMY assessment rate (R450) per assessment. A maximum of 6 months should be allowed between each re-assessment.   Indemnity Neither Trifocus, the trainers, their employees, any agents, guest nor other persons associated with Trifocus will be held responsible for any claim arising from an incident which may occur whilst students are on the premises or at any gyms or transported to any chosen venue by or on behalf of any of the said persons.   Complaints and Feedback Trifocus Fitness Academy is committed to offering a quality education to our students, we welcome the opportunity to hear your feedback and suggestions, in addition to this if you have any complaints about the service we are providing please use the below customer care contact details Email: Contact: 0861 444 765   Online Courses The student selecting to complete the course/s by utilising the Trifocus Fitness Academy Online learning platform, shall need to have access to a computer or laptop, and access to an internet connection. Trifocus Fitness Academy shall not be held responsible for a student not able to complete their course/s due to not having access to a computer or internet access.   Submission of assessments and assignments The Student on completion of the course/s assessments and assignments must return the assessments and assignments to Trifocus Fitness Academy at the following address; 1st floor 292 Surrey Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg 2194. The student must keep the proof of delivery of assessments and assignments delivered to Trifocus Fitness Academy   Cooling Off Period The Student may rescind the transaction without reason or penalty, by notice to Trifocus Fitness Academy in writing or other recorded manner and form, within 5 (Five) business days after the agreement was concluded. If the Student validly rescinds the transaction Trifocus Fitness Academy must return any payment received from the Student in terms of the transaction within 15 (Fifteen) business days after receiving notice of rescission provided that the Student returns the Course Products received by him to Trifocus Fitness Academy in unopened form. Trifocus Fitness Academy must not attempt to collect any payment in terms of the rescinded transaction.   Cancellation Policy The student shall not be able to cancel the course/s or the payment terms of the course/s, after the initial cooling off period of 5 (Five) working days as set out above.   Banking Details TRIFOCUS FITNESS ACADEMY Standard Bank: Sandton City Acc Number: 220415145 Branch code 051001   Yours in Health and Education Trifocus Fitness Academy        
    Learner Agreement | The Learner
    To successfully master these unit standard/s, you are required to:
    > Study the content of this unit/s
    What is expected of me the learner > Complete all activities indicated in this unit/s
    > Utilise your coach and colleagues as learning resources, and
    > Verify your learning progress with your coach/facilitator
    > Learners will be on time for all activities
    > Learners will inform the workplace coach/mentor of any absence
    Learner roles and responsibilities > All cell phones off during learning activities
    > Learners to pay attention and do their best
    > Learners to prepare for learning activities and to meet time restraints
    > Learners to ask if they do not understand
    The Provider
    The provider will ensure that quality ETD practices are followed and will:
    > Encourage constructive feedback to all learners
    > Provide constructive feedback to all ETD staff
    The Provider roles and responsibilities > Ensure learner support is provided
    > Encourage learners to do additional research
    > Will provide learner access to additional resources
    > Quality assures the learning process internally
    > Encourage the environment that is conductive to learning
    The workplace component contributes to what learning should
    take place during the program
    Competence consist of knowledge in the head (which you acquire
    during classroom sessions), skills in the hands (practice in the workplace)
    and a positive attitude in your heart.
    Workplace coach and mentor The workplace coach or mentor has the important task to guide you in
    the workplace
    The workplace coach and mentor should:
    > Allow you to practice skills
    Roles and responsibilities > Give you constructive feedback
    > Share company specific rules and regulations with you
    > Share experience with you
    > Allow you to attend theoretical training sessions
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