What to expect if your first life coaching session

What to expect in your first life coaching session

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make about life coaching is confusing it with psychotherapy. Life coaching isn’t about lying on a couch and talking about your life story while the psychotherapist interrupts your ramblings with “So how does that make you feel?” Life coaching is so much more than that says life […]

#TeamTrifocus Brand Ambassador Michelle van Zyl

Michelle van Zyl: #TeamTrifocus Brand Ambassador

If there was one phrase to describe Michelle van Zyl, it would have to be ‘entrepreneur extraordinaire’. Not only is Michelle a #TeamTrifocus brand ambassador, she is also a personal trainer and graphic designer. She took some time out to let us in on her fitness and productivity secrets. Michelle’s Basic Stats Age: 34 Height: […]

Motivation in the fitness industry

The Power Of Motivation In The Fitness Industry

Motivation is a crucial ingredient to a successful life both in the fitness industry as well as other walks of life. This is true no matter what your definition of success is. Being wealthy and having the best of the best; being healthy, fit, fast and strong; losing weight; finishing a degree; getting the job done and […]

The secrets of successful life coaches

The Secrets Of Successful Life Coaches

Are you feeling a bit lost in life? Are you not sure about your career or the life path you are on? Are you struggling with a big decision? Do you need some motivation to get you amped for life and your purpose? It might be time to consider delving into the world of life […]

#TeamTrifocus brand ambassador, Olaf Birkner

#TeamTrifocus Athlete: Olaf Birkner

  Olaf Birkner is a South African athlete, online coach and a #TeamTrifocus brand ambassador. We catch up with him to find out how Trifocus Fitness Academy has helped him in his fitness career. Olaf was handpicked by Trifocus Fitness Academy when they spotted him in the SA Arnolds Model Fitness Competition in 2016. Since then, he has been […]

What a career in life coaching entails

What You Should Expect from a Career in Life Coaching

So you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career as a life coach? This is excellent news! Why? Because life coaching – as a profession – can be incredibly rewarding. However, to guarantee that it IS all that you expect it to be, you need to  know a few things first. The truth Behind […]

Life coaching strategies

Get more out of your life with these life coaching six strategies

Many of us feel like life is pretty chaoticm, that we’d get more done, and enjoy life more if we could manage our lives a little better. And the fact is, we can get more out of  life without resorting to caffeine! Here’s how you can manage your own life better thanks to life coaching […]

Life coaching and body language

Why body language and life coaching go hand in hand

A person’s body language is a direct reflection of how they’re feeling on the inside. For example, if a person is feeling uncomfortable in a situation, he or she might hunch their shoulders or avoid making eye contact with the person that they’re speaking with. As a specialist in life coaching, you need to pick […]

How to create a balanced life

How to create a balanced life

In today’s hectic world, it’s incredibly difficult to lead a balanced life. In fact, experts often talk about work-life integration rather than work-life balance because – with the intrusion of smart devices (such as smartphones and tablets) into our lives – we end up working from the minute we open our eyes to the minute […]

What is a life coach

What is a life coach?

Life coaching is all about synergy. It is a relationship between a professional life coach and a client so that the client can realise their full potential. Pro golfers do not become pros without the guidance of their coach. Coaches provide insights, different perspectives and support. Many successful people today take on the services of […]

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