How to tone your glutes

6 Exercises that’ll sculpt your glutes beautifully

Have you ever stopped to appreciate your glutes? Maybe you should because they do a lot more for you than you might have thought. Did you know your glutes play a major role in your balance? They are the muscles that move your hips, allowing your legs to move. Every time you lift one foot […]

How to choose the best running shoes for you

How to find the best running shoes for your feet

Even if you take a short jog now and then, it’s important that you do so in a pair of running shoes that fits your foot properly. Many running-related injuries can be avoided simply by wearing the right running shoes.  We’ll explain how to find out what your feet need out of a running shoe […]

Why it is difficult to tone your calves

Why it’s difficult to tone your calves – part 2

Last week, #TrifocusBrandAmbassador – Ashleigh Frost – chatted to us about why your calves are the most difficult muscle – in your body – to tone. This week, she’ll be talking to us about the anatomy of the calves. Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of the calf muscles: The lower leg (below […]

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