Become a mind and body exercise practitioner

What is Mind and Body Exercise?

In the early 1990s, the fitness community defined ‘mind and body exercise’ as ‘physical exercise that is executed with a profound amount of directed focus’. There are basically five characteristics of mind and body exercise: Concentration on muscular movements, Inner mental focus, Synchronising your movements with breathing patterns, The belief in life energy (chi), and […]

Top 3 Benefits of Foam Rolling and Mistakes to Avoid

“Have you ever had those days where you feel like your knee is feeling a little sore, but you don’t remember hurting it while you were training?” asks Kayla Itsines? “Sometimes things like training and bad posture can cause your muscles and their surrounding fibres to become thicker and tighter, which cause tension and sometimes pain […]

Exercise for children

The Importance of Exercise for Children

With each year obesity becomes an increasing problem worldwide. Owing to the easy accessibility of junk food children may be at greater risk of becoming obese. That is why it is extremely important to keep children healthy and active. Aside from preventing obesity exercise for children is important as it will help prevent future health problems […]

The mind, body and spirit benefits of exercise

Mind, Body and Spirit. Approaching Fitness Holistically

With constant advancements in health and fitness personal trainers are recognising the benefits of taking a mind, body and spirit approach . Helping the human body reach its potential requires attention to the physical body, a well-rounded mental state and a tranquil spirit. If you have been looking to help your clients get the most out […]

Every considered becoming a personal trainer?

Ever Considered Becoming a Personal Trainer?

Some people just seem to have a knack for fitness and being a personal trainer, an understanding of the power and capabilities of the human body, and the substantial energy and ability it required to turn health into a worthwhile, productive and lucrative career. If you have ever wondered what it takes to become a […]

Benefits of having a strong core

Benefits of a Strong Core

Expert personal trainers say that there is a widespread, uninformed belief that the core is simply another word for abdominal muscles or – more commonly – abs. This is not true. The core consists of a variety of muscles of the trunk and lower body. It serves a very important purpose in your fitness journey and everyday […]

Benefits of pectoral strength

Why Pectoral Strength is Necessary

Magazine covers and fitness calendars are filled with men who look like they only train chest. (Personal trainers are inundated with requests for these types of chests too!) Having a strong, prominent chest is a goal for many male fitness models and avid male gym-goers. Pectoral strength is one of the most sought-after physical features. However, […]

How to do cardiovascular exercise safely

How to Increase Cardiovascular Safety

Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, can be beneficial to your fitness regime. Examples of cardiovascular exercise are running, cycling and exercise that keeps your heart rate at a steady pace for a long period of time. For athletes, cardio can help with up and getting lean. In general, cardio exercises help with fat loss and increasing your […]

Improve your running gait

How to Improve your Running Gait

Running is an extremely popular hobby and form of exercise. Millions of people around the world run for various reasons such as to lose weight, to improve fitness levels or simply to spend time exercising. They do this with/without the help of a personal trainer. To run is fairly simple and straightforward:  choose a destination and start running. That […]

Little-known nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts You Never Would Have Known

There is SO much fokelore about nutrition facts out there. Carbohydrates are bad for you. Lots of protein is good for you. Drink as much water as you can.  The list is endless! The good news is that there are a number of nutrition basics that will set you up for life but in order […]

Core principles of pilates

The Core Principles of Pilates

Pilates is a very simple exercise form. There are a set of principles of Pilates that govern every single Pilates session or Pilates class. There aren’t very many but those that do exist date back to the origin of Pilates as Joseph Pilates himself set out. And to get the true benefit of this exercise […]

History of personal training

What is the History of Personal Training?

The history of personal training illustrates some fascinating themes. These are still valid for us living in the 21st century. The History of Personal Training Fitness Training – and not personal training – dates back to the ancient Greeks. Says Michael Gautheier: “Serious fitness training dates back to the ancient Greeks who trained and held athletic events […]

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