Sports coaching is a unique field, often misunderstood and under-estimated. Do you really know what makes a sports coach tick? What drives him? Here’s how to understand sports coaching (and find a new appreciation for this career too!).

They’ve GOT to have a thick skin

Think about it: When your favourite sporting team is on a losing streak, you’re quick to pick apart the coach. So it’s not surprising that the best sports coaches have a thick skin!

They’re the best of your mom, rolled up into a coach

Your mom is your biggest fan. She always has your back. But she loves your brothers and sisters too, and makes time for them too.  Oh, and she makes sure you’re always safe and healthy (and always follow the rules).

Sports coaches are like that too: They “see” every player on their team, nurturing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses. But they don’t neglect the weaker or less experienced team players  – they make time for everyone.

And they prioritise the health and well-being of everyone on the team.

Plus, they make sure the rules of the sport are observed, and focus on professionalism.

The ins and outs of sports coaching

 They’re experts in their sport

The best sports coaches grew up in their sport. They have an intuition about it and have the ability to make others better at it too. They see talent and skill, and can cultivate it further, turning a good sportsman into an amazing sportsman.

They are excellent educators, and passionate about their sport.

 They are master motivators

The world’s best sports coaches are also the best motivators, able to get the best out of everyone they coach. They know when to push an athlete or sportsman, and how far, so that the athlete thrives.

We’re sure you agree – sports coaches have mad skills, right?

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