Every professional has a special something that keeps their clients coming back. Be it a personal trainer, life coach or Yoga teacher, if a client doesn’t “click with” or “vibe well with” you, they won’t come back. There is a secret to ensuring that your clients keep coming back to you. It works no matter what profession you’re in. Read on to find out what this secret is…

Presentation skills will make or break you in business

The secret to being a rock star life coach, and retaining your clients, is making sure that you come across well and that you communicate what you need to in a way that they will appreciate, take on board and – most importantly – find so invaluable that they have no reason but not to come back to you for more.

Take a personal trainer, as an example. If he or she presents an exercise, in a particular manner, which causes the client to injure themselves, chances are very good that the client will be left with such a bitter taste in their mouths – from that experience – that they’ll never come. The personal trainer could be highly knowledgeable about fitness, however if they can’t present the exercise well (so that the client understands what they’re getting at) they will have lost that client for good – and any business that he or she might have referred.

Become a life coach that everyone wants to work with

3 Ways to improve your presentation skills

As we can see, it’s absolutely vital to have unbelievable presentation skills. In the words of Fareed Siddiqui, senior accountant and individual member of the Institute of Management Consultants of India-IMCI:

“You may have good knowledge and understanding of your subject or field. You would have gained good ideas. The strong awareness, experience and useful information that you gathered may be beneficial for your organization, but if you are not good at presenting your thoughts or ideas or suggestions by means of good presentation skills, then, having the aforementioned things may not be of as much help and assistance as it should be.”

Here are three simple and effective ways of improving your presentation skills:

  • Adapt your message according to your client’s context.
  • Use simple language when you interact with your clients and adapt your vocabulary accordingly.
  • Don’t be longwinded. Sometimes, ‘short and sweet’ is a wonderful approach to explaining something effectively. When you go on and on and on and on, not only could you lose the drift of what you’re saying, but your client could get completely lost on your sea of words.

Among others, the job of a life coach entails helping your clients to improve their presentation skills. Do you feel that this could be your passion? Does helping people improve how they come across excite you? If you answered a resounding “yes” then Trifocus Fitness Academy’s accredited life coaching certification is for you. Follow this link to find out more and register today!

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