How to become a pilates instructor

How a Pilates Instructor Differs from a Yoga Instructor

Being a Pilates Instructor differs enormously from being a Yoga Instructor. Why, you ask? Because Pilates and Yoga are fundamentally different. Here’s why. What is a Pilates Instructor actually? A Pilates Instructor is responsible for instructing clients in how to perform the art of Pilates. Kara Mayer Robinson describes Pilates as a workout: “It’s demanding, […]

What is the Correct Way for a Nutritionist to give Advice?

A nutritionist holds a lot of power in their hands. If they tell their clients to eat the wrong food the damage to that client’s body will be very severe. That is why it is always very important for a nutritionist to give sound nutritional advice and encourage good eating habits. So what is the best […]

Benefits of magnesium

Why Magnesium is a Must

Magnesium is an essential ion in the body as it regulates over 300 biochemical reactions including synthesising protein, regulating how muscles and nerves function, controlling blood glucose and regulating blood pressure. But what if you have a magnesium deficiency? How can you supplement your diet with magnesium? What are the Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency? […]

Life coaches have a great career

What the Responsibilities of Life Coaches?

Life coaches are not like therapists. Tony Robbins – acclaimed life strategist – explains: “Therapy, also called counseling or psychotherapy, is a long-term process in which a client works with a healthcare professional to diagnose and resolve problematic beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, feelings and sometimes physical responses. “Life coaching is a process which may be […]

What a career in personal training means

The Advantages of Choosing Personal Training as a Career

Many, many fitness enthusiasts are deciding to choose personal training as a career in fitness. Why? Because it’s an industry that ‘s growing exponentially in the world. According to market reports released in November 2016: “The Personal Trainers industry has enjoyed steady growth over the past five years, fueled by rising demand for weight-loss services […]

The power of resistance exercises in preventing osteoporosis

Weight-Bearing and Resistance Exercises to help Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that targets your bones, causing them to become brittle and fracture easily. One of the ways that you can prevent its onslaught is by taking in enough calcium in your diet, either through the food that you eat or via supplements. Another very good way of preventing osteoporosis is through exercise […]

Benefits of exercising regularly

8 Reasons to get Exercising

Exercising on a regular basis has many benefits for you, the most obvious of which is keeping your weight in check. We’ve put together eight of the benefits which, we feel, you will benefit from the most when you start exercising regularly. 1. Exercising Regularly Reduces your Risk of Illness Experts at the Mayo Clinic say […]

Why Exercise Science is an Art

How to Up your Game with Exercise Science

Science is very specific. If you put two compounds together, you’ll get a certain reaction. However, if you change anything – be it ever so slightly – the result you’ll get will be totally different. This is sort-of true with exercise science. Yes, certain exercises will produce certain results but this may not be true […]

What a career in life coaching entails

What You Should Expect from a Career in Life Coaching

So you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career as a life coach? This is excellent news! Why? Because life coaching – as a profession – can be incredibly rewarding. However, to guarantee that it IS all that you expect it to be, you need to  know a few things first. The truth Behind […]

Become the best possible sports manager out there

How to Get the Job You Want as a Sports Manager

As every sports enthusiast knows, for a sporting team to win the players need to be focused and be at the top of their games. A sports coach plays a vital role in this but if the team doesn’t have a sports manager, they won’t soar as they should. What does a Sports Manager do? […]

Elite personal trainers

What are the Lifestyle Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer?

Come on! You cannot deny that you marvel at well-known athletes! Yes you! We know you are fascinated with the Facebook and Instagram feeds of well-known personal trainers … The Internet and social media have given birth to the fitness culture of today. Everyone has got the fitness bug – from your average stay-at-home mom to the wannabe fitness athletes […]

What every successful personal trainer needs to know

What Every Successful Personal Trainer Needs to Know

To succeed in your chosen profession, you need to have an edge. You can’t just rely on knowing the theory like the back of your hand. You need to be able to offer your clients and customers something that every other person in your profession doesn’t offer. Every personal trainer knows this and they strive […]

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